GLOBALSYS, expert in Cordless and Embedded Technologies

GLOBALSYS develops and manufactures highly innovative and effective solutions in the areas of :

  • Wireless Communication Systems
  • Cordless Audio Systems
  • Embedded Technology

GLOBALSYS is acknowledged as an expert for Cordless Audio applications, being able to propose a very wide spectrum of wireless technologies adapted for Voice communications in particular (Analog, DECT/WDCT, Bluetooth, Voice over IP / WiFi, GSM, WIMAX…).

Our solutions are designed for Aeronautics, Defense, Naval and Industrial sectors.

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Latest News

New ANA found that AIRLINK 2085 Cordless Units (and associated Headsets) match very conveniently their stringent requirements.

March,2019ANA found that AIRLINK 2085 Cordless Units match very conveniently their stringent requirements.

New Babcock UK selected AIRLINK 3085IA.

February, 2019 Babcock UK has decided to use the new "AIRLINK 3085IA" wireless intercom from GLOBALSYS for their North Sea Search & Rescue ("SAR") operations.

New Belgium Army Helicopters NH90 & A109 Squadrons have selected GLOBALSYS wireless interphone systems, "Airlink 3085W"

January, 2019 Starting June 2019, GLOBALSYS will be supplying its cordless Headset System for the Belgium Army Fleets, NH90 & A109.

New BRITISH AIRWAYS selected GLOBALSYS for the supply of digital wireless headset systems, for single person pushback operation

November,2018BRITISH AIRWAYS found that AIRLINK 2085 Cordless Headsets match their stringent requirements. GLOBALSYS is very proud of serving a highly reputable customer like BRITISH AIRWAYS...

New DGA (French MoD Agency for Armament) selected GLOBALSYS for delivery of Wireless Interphone systems for 140 French Military Helicopters

April, 2018 Based upon a variant of the very successful AIRLINK 3085, GLOBALSYS was chosen by the "DGA" (part of the French "Ministère des Armées") after a thorough selection process...

New HAECO, the Leading Handling Company in HONG KONG-Chep Lap Kok Airport, improves its operations thanks to AIRLINK 2085

June, 2018 HAECO has made the wise choice to improve its operations in HKG with the newest wireless headset system, the AIRLINK 2085. Using AIRLINK in particular within adverse...

New QANTAS decides to equip most of its Australian Ports the new AIRLINK 2085

July, 2018 SQANTAS has been a very loyal GLOBALSYS Customer, for the past 10 years, using very successfully the previous wireless system generation, AIRLINK 2080. Now QANTAS decided to pursue this...

Swissport Stations (Switzerland- based) have now opted for extensive usage of Wireless Headsets AIRLINK 2085

April, 2018 Swissport has made the wise choice to improve their equipment with the newest wireless headset system, the AIRLINK 2085. This is introduced for operations in Zurich, Geneva and Basel.

CATHAY Pacific decides to equip the new AIRLINK 2085.

December, 2017 [...] CATHAY decided to pursue this long-lasting collaboration by selecting the new system AIRLINK 2085.

Swissport Zurich now uses the Wireless Headsets AIRLINK 2085.

December, 2017 SWISSPORT Zurich, after a thorough trials campaign, decided to equip most of their pushback tractors in Zurich-Kloten platform with a Wireless Headset system...

SATS, the Leading Handling Company in Singapore- Changi Airport, improves its operations thanks to AIRLINK 2085

November, 2017 Efficiency and quality are essential when working in the aeronautic domain, thus SATS has opted for the newest Wireless Headset system, the AIRLINK 2085.

Cargolux now operates the Wireless Headset AIRLINK 2018.

November, 2017 Cargolux has decided to equip themselves with the new Wireless Headset system, the AIRLINK 2085.

ANA has opted for GLOBALSYS Wireless Headset system, AIRLINK 2085.

November, 2017 After a thorough evaluation, ANA, the leading Japanese Airline, selected GLOBALSYS for the supply...

Singapore Airlines has equiped the newest Wireless communication system, the new AIRLINK 2085..

August, 2017 The company based in Singapour has made the choice to equip themselves with the newest AIRLINK 2085, a seamless wireles communication system.

PORTER AIRLINES has opted for GLOBALSYS Wireless Headset system, AIRLINK 2085.

July, 2017 The Canadian regional Airline, TORONTO-based, will be using AIRLINK 2085 for its daily push-back operations.

CARGOJET is now working with AIRLINK 2085.

June, 2017 CARGOJET has chosen one of the most efficient wireless system in the market, AIRLINK 2085 to operate its critical Cargo activities.

CONDOR TECHNIK selected the most effective wired headsets: HEA 371.

May, 2017 After several tests, Condor Technik has decided to choose the most performing wired headset in the market with HEA371. Today, it is the favorite headset to many Operators, in terms of acoustic isolation, lightness and advanced ergonomics.

AIRBUS Toulouse has selected AIRLINK 2085 to equip all of its divisions.

April, 2017 AIRBUS Toulouse has decided to choose an efficient wireless system, Airlink 2085, for all of its divisions in Toulouse (A320, A330, A350 and A380 Assembly lines), Flight test (“Abreuvoir”) and Delivery (New Aircraft). More than 150 Wireless Headsets will be delivered in the near future.

HOP Morlaix improves its maintenance operations thanks to AIRLINK 2085.

March, 2017 When safety and pro-activity are essential, the best is the wireless communication headset Airlink 2085.

AIRBUS Australia works with AIRLINK 3085.

February, 2017 AIRLINK 3085, a wireless communication for military application, has been selected by AIRBUS Australia for ARH Tigre Helicopters Support.

RUAG Geneva opted for AIRLINK 2085.

December, 2016 RUAG Geneva has chosen our wireless communication system especially for their Business Jets MRO activities.

TRANSNUSA opted for AIRLINK 2085.

November, 2016 TRANSNUSA, an Indonesian Airline has chosen our Airlink 2085 wireless communication system especially for its ATR operations.

DNATA Geneva selected the most effective wired headsets: HEA 371.

October, 2016 For its daily operations, DNATA has made the best choice by ordering HEA731. A wired headset designed ergonomically for the users’ comfort but also for its isolation acoustic which ensures the safety of the agents.

Sabena Technics continues to trust in Globalsys.

September, 2016 Sabena Technics Nîmes, one of our loyal customers has decided to equip its new hangars with our wireless system, Airlink 2085. Indeed, new hangars call for more efficiency and increased Safety, so Airlink 2085 is the perfect choice.

ANTONOV State Company decides to use Globalsys Wireless systems for two types of planes: ANTONOV 132 and ANTONOV 124

July, 2016 Globalsys is gradually making headway in Eastern Europe thanks to high-stake projects with ANTONOV...

New DASSAULT recently renewed their faith in Globalsys and decides to equip their centers in Istres and Merignac with our most performing wireless communication systems

July, 2016 Dassault decided to choose Airlink 2085 products, which are cordless interphone for civil applications. These systems establish ...

New MATISA, a Swiss company specialized in Railway track construction/ renewal machines chose Globalsys products to be part of their performing railway track machines.

June, 2016 >MATISA, a World-class provider of Ballast regulators and tampers ( chose Globalsys to...

New Airbus selected the most successful wired headsets in terms of safety: Globalsys HEA371 model for their daily operations

May, 2016 Now, more than ever before, aeronautic industry needs to implement the safest wired headsets. Globalsys successfully ...

New FDA (Fuji Dream Airline) continues to trust in Globalsys Wireless system

December, 2015 Fuji Dream Airline is one of the most famous partner airlines of Japan Airline International, and it is also a Japanese ...

New Portuguese Air Force opted to equip its AIRBUS C295 fleet with Airlink 3085

November, 2015 Airlink 3085, military wireless system is the most versatile and modular wireless communication system, suitable...

New French Gendarmerie Peloton of High Altitudes (PGHM) selected Airlink 3085

October, 2015 The French Gendarmerie Peloton of High Altitudes (PGHM) is now equipped with the latest Airlink 3085 generation...

Global Agreement with AVIAPARTNER

September, 2015 AVIAPARTNER and GLOBALSYS have come to a “Preferred Supplier Agreement” enabling GLOBALSYS to provide its Wireless and Wired headsets product to all AVIAPARTNER Stations, Europe-wide...

Safran and its subsidiary Cenco International have selected Globalsys wireless headset for their AIRCRAFT ENGINE Test cells

August, 2015 When a reliable communication is the priority during Engine Tests, best choice is Airlink 2085...

New HAVAS Europe improves De-Icing procedure thanks to Airlink 2085

July, 2015 Autonomous headset will be the Key Tool to improve De-Icing procedure...

DGA selected GLOBALSYS in the framework of its « RAPID » Innovation Program to further develop capabilities of Wireless Interphone/Headsets systems (to serve for platforms such as A400M, or various Helicopters)

June, 2015 The further features which will be launched by GLOBALSYS, thanks to the « DGA » program will be:...

ATR has chosen to renew its entire Wireless Headsets fleet with Airlink 2085

May, 2015 After having very satisfactorily exploited the previous system AIRLINK 2080...

An undisclosed Indonesian Helicopter (Mi-171) Operator has chosen Airlink 3085 in order to extend Capacities and Operations Safety

April, 2015 Airlink 3085 provides an excellent tool together for Airborne or On-Ground operations...

Aviapartner continues to work with the best headset in the market: HEA371

March, 2015 Marseille station is fully delighted with the new HEA371 Headset...

JAPAN success, Airlink 2080 « GITEKI », Japanese-certified wireless headset is a success in Japanese market

February, 2015 Tamagawa (our distributor for Japan market) has successfully entered the market with a totally new certified headset...

EMIRATES enters into an agreement with GLOBALSYS to provide Wireless Ramp Communication System at outstations

January, 2015 GLOBALSYS Airlink 2085 was selected after a thorough process, on the basis of its superior performance...

Brazilian Army selected Globalsys to equip their Helicopters with wireless headset systems

December, 2014 New generation Airlink 3085 is the system chosen by Brazilian Army to be used onboard their Fennec, Puma...

AHS RCA (Menzies Group), Bangui Airport will be one of the first handlers in Africa to use wireless equipment for their current operations

November, 2014 The wireless convenience will improve efficiency in Ground Handling operations. One dedicated team...

Airbus Helicopters (Ex Eurocopter) EC120, ECUREUIL, EC175 and Super Puma flightlines have selected GLOBALSYS wireless headsets, “Airlink 3080/3085”

October, 2014 GLOBALSYS is now supplying its cordless Headset System for the entire Helicopter range in Marignane...

GH Team Paris CDG (ex SWISSPORT) is now using GLOSALSYS headset HEA311 for ramp operations

September, 2014 GH Team chose the most ruggedized headset for push-back operations. GLOBALSYS is providing ...

FLYING GROUP (Maintenance) has selected the new wireless system Airlink 2085

August, 2014 Antwerp station provides maintenance service for private jet fleet. They need to be flexible...

ATR (Regional Aircraft) confirm their confidence within Globalsys products

July, 2014 We provide a full solution for ATR facilities...

TIGER (Airbus Helicopters, ex EUROCOPTER) is delighted to use Airlink 3080 in Marignane

June, 2014 Airlink 3080 is adaptable to any military helicopters and aircrafts...

TSO (leader in railroad works) is now using GLOBALSYS « integrated headset »

May, 2014 TSO is the French leader for railroad works. TSO operates with heavy machinery in very noisy context...

PLASSER & THEURER (leader in railroad works machines) is now using GLOBALSYS « integrated headset »

April, 2014 FRAMAFER, the French subsidiary of PLASSER & THEURER Group is using “integrated headset” for producing its railroad works machines...

DASSAULT AVIATION Merignac has selected GLOBALSYS for its entire FALCON production facilities

March, 2014 The AIRLINK 2080 new generation is used in FALCON 900, 2000 and 7X final assembly lines...

Cathay Pacific has reiterated its confidence to GLOBALSYS.

February, 2014 Cathay Pacific, fully satisfied by the Airlink 2080 has ordered additional equipment...

« NextGen » Aviation Headset is available!

January, 2014 GLOBALSYS is proud to present you its New Generation Ramp Aviation Headset, the HEA 371 product Family.

GLOBALSYS selected for European Air Force operating Top Class Jet Fighter Aircraft (USA origin)

December, 2013 The AIRLINK 3080/3085, a best performing system to ensure Wireless Audio connections in the harshest conditions (Noise, Vibration, Hot or Cold), has been selected by an undisclosed European AirForce operating « Top of its class » Jet Fighters Aircraft (US origin), the exact model also has to remain undisclosed.

HELITECH London & INTER AIRPORT Munich Exhibitions

October, 2013 It was a pleasure to meet Clients and share experiences with Partners...

DSSP has ordered Airlink 2080 for its packaging operations

September, 2013 Increase producti- vity is a priority for DS Smith Packaging Company. Therefore DSSP selected Hands Free Headset Airlink 2080 « Headset Integrated version ».

GITEKI for Japan + ATEX

August, 2013 Airlink 2080 is now certified with Japan regulation to use a 2.4 GHz radio frequency...

Coming exhibitions!

July, 2013 HELITECH London & INTERAIRPORT Munich.

Tuifly has ordered Airlink 2080 for its heavy maintenance operations.

July, 2013 In order to ease its maintenance operations, Tuifly is using now the Airlink 2080 with the « All integrated headset ».

Airlink 3080 - Drone CAMCOPTER.

June, 2013 The ADROIT’s crew uses the Airlink 3080 for the operations related to the Drone CAMCOPTER.

The Airlink 2080 at Le Bourget Airshow!

June, 2013 The Airlink 2080 used by Safran for the Green Taxiing at Le Bourget Airshow!

Globalsys' exhibition

May, 2013 Don’t forget to mark your diaries:

  • Paris Le Bourget Airshow
    from June 17/23
  • Helitech London
    from September 24/26
  • Inter Airport Munich
    from October 8/11.

The AIA Clermont remains convinced by the systems Airlink 3080 for TRANSALL.

May, 2013 For maintenance operations the AIA of Clermont-Ferrand has ordered new systems Airlink 3080 ...

Air Berlin Hamburg has ordered Airlink 2080 for Push-Back

April, 2013 Already used by AirBerlin in Munich for Maintenance operations, it’s now AirBerlin in Hamburg which is convinced ...

EUROCOPTER ordered Airlink 3080 systems for its NH90assembly line

March, 2013 Recently an EUROCOPTER division, NH90 Final assembly line also equipped their Teams with AIRLINK 3080 wireless system ...

French Air Force acquiresAIRLINK3080 systems for its CARACAL Helicopter Fleet

March, 2013 Convinced by the performance of AIRLINK 3080 system for Special Operations or SAR (Rescue/Hoist) operations, the French Air Forcewill equip itsCARACAL fleet...

Come & meet us at IDEX 2013 (Abu Dhabi)!

February, 2013 Meet us at IDEX 2013 in Abu Dhabi! Booth 07-B33 in the GICAT French Pavillion ...

Technology Trading Service

February, 2013 For our German’s customers, a special repair stationlocated in Germany: Technology Trading Service ...


January, 2013 Follow us and know more about us and our news on Twitter! Globalsys94!

EUROCOPTER: Loyal customer of Globalsys!

January, 2013 For engine runs and Maintenance operations, EUROCOPTER (Marignane) has ordered additional Airlink 3080...

De-Icing operations: Wireless Solution!

December, 2012 During winter period, use the Airlink 2080 for your De-Icing operations...

JET AVIATION (Basel, Switzerland) ordered additional Airlink 2080.

November, 2012 The Airlink 2080 is already used for a long time by JET AVIATION...

Come & meet GLOBALSYS at IDEX 2013 (Abu Dhabi)!

November, 2012 GLOBALSYS will be at the International Defence & Security Exhibition in Abu Dhabi from 17 to 21 February 2013...

The Airlink 2080 is used in the Assembly Line of ATR in Toulouse

September, 2012 By increasing the number of Airplane on the Assembly Line, ATR has decided to order additional Airlink 2080 in order to ensure safety and comfort for their employees.

The worldwide provider of Lighters BIC uses the Airlink 2080!

September, 2012 To allow its employees to communicate in the noisy environment of the factory, BIC has equipped its teams with the Airlink 2080.

Cathay Pacific has reiterated its confidence to Globalsys.

July, 2012 Cathay Pacific, fully satisfied by the Airlink 2080 has ordered additional systems. Cathay Pacific has chosen the Mobile “in Box version” which can be used with their own wired headsets.

Sabena Technics Marseille has chosen the Airlink 2080 for its maintenance operations.

July, 2012 While Sabena Technics Nîmes is since many years a convinced user of the Wireless Communication System of Globalsys. It’s now Sabena Technics Marseille which has decided to use the Airlink 2080 for its maintenance operations.

QATAR AIRWAYS equips its Base Maintenance with the Airlink 2080.

June, 2012 Fully satisfied by its order of Airlink 2080 last December, QATAR AIRWAYS has decided to equip the Base Maintenance with GLOBALSYS’ systems.

SWISSPORT MUNICH has chosen GLOBALSYS as its new supplier of Wired Headsets.

June, 2012 Fully satisfied by the performance of the Wired Headset HEA311D after its order last March, SWISSPORT has placed a new order for additional headsets.

Airlink 3080, adaptation for Armoured vehicles does its show at EUROSATORY 2012!

June, 2012 Implemented in the Higuard vehicle of Renault Trucks during the exhibition, the Airlink 3080 is presented as an option in the catalogue of Renault Trucks.

New Partnership with TTS (Technology Trading Service) for Maintenance Work in Germany.

May, 2012 In order to ensure the best delivery time for maintenance works in Germany, TTS & GLOBALSYS have decided to establish a partnership.

Airlink 2080: New order from DASSAULT FALCON SERVICE (Le Bourget/FRANCE).

May, 2012 Dassault Falcon Service has decided to use the Airlink 2080 for Engine Runs operations.

The Airlink 3080 presented by RENAULT TRUCKS in their Armoured Vehicles during the EUROSATORY SHOW 2012.

April, 2012 Already presented by RENAULT TRUCKS during the MILIPOL SHOW in Paris last October, the Airlink 3080 has received the attention of several customers of Armoured Vehicles. That's why RENAULT TRUCKS has decided to buy more systems Airlink 3080 in order to propose a Wireless Communication System to their customers of Armoured Vehicles. Indeed, the Airlink 3080 allows a Full-Duplex communication inside and outside the truck for the operationnal team. It guarantees Safety, efficiency and reactivity, even in very noisy environment!

The option "Isolation Cockpit" convinced FRAPORT (GERMANY) and CCI NICE (FRANCE) for the handlers training.

February, 2012 Globalsys is the only supplier of Wireless Communication System with a function allowing to isolate the cockpit from the ground operators speech.

Royal Brunei, fully satisfied by the Airlink 2080

December, 2011 Royal Brunei has renewed its trust in Globalsys' Wireless Communication System: Airlink 2080.

New order

November, 2011 Globalsys has convinced EDF with its Wireless Communication System Airlink 2080.

New agreement

November, 2011 Globalsys, new supplier of Alyzia Handling.

Inter Airport Show

October, 2011 Globalsys takes part in the world's premier airport exhibition "Inter Airport Europe" in Munich

EuroStars project Awarded

July, 2011 Among others organizations, Globalsys has been awarded from Eurostars to obtain some fund for the IroCon project.

Paris Air Show

June, 2011 Visit us at Paris Air Show Le Bourget

Sahara project Awarded

May, 2011 GLOBALSYS selected for French Innovation program (State funded) SAHARA