About us

GLOBALSYS, expert in Cordless and Embedded Technologies

Created in 1997, GLOBALSYS began developing its activity by creating highly innovative solutions for aircraft ground operations.

Starting in 1999, Globalsys was the first in the world to Establish a wireless vocal communication system, Full Duplex, between an aircraft and ground crew (Ramp operator, mechanics, etc.)

In actuality, it is extremely common to see ground personnel, whether at commercial airports or on air bases, use a wire connection to communicate with aircraft, which is both impractical and even dangerous (for example, when airplanes are struck by lightning, which happens more often than one might think).

Globalsys continued innovating in this field by designing and producing exclusive technology to integrate a short-distance vocal communication solution within the aircraft itself. Our system, covered by several international patents, makes it possible for ground crew members to communicate with an airplane as soon as it arrives, during taxiing (instead of communicating through gestures , also very common at airports and on air bases).

Our various innovations convinced Airbus in 2002 to choose Globalsys for a collaboration about predevelopment of the future CVIS (Cordless Voice Intercom System), based on our exclusive concepts and patents.

The aim of CVIS was to provide various wireless communication functions both in flight, throughout the cabin, and on the ground, by creating a communication network connecting the various members of the ground crew during pre-flight (cargo loading, etc.) and maintenance operations. The IRoCoN project replaced the CVIS project.

It is still a relatively early stage concept, but the full development is planned for the future A350 and A320NEO, it will also be offered as a retrofittable option on the A380

Globalsys is highly involved in recently launched innovation projects such as:

Globalsys has never stopped innovating ever since, for example by working with Air France to develop the E-Cart, a secure aircraft container combining both WiFi and RFID technologies. The E-Cart is also protected by a patent and represents a remarkable advance in terms of improving security for both goods and passengers and in terms of industrial processes.


Globalsys integrates the entire spectrum of wireless technologies in developing its projects :

Bluetooth, WiFi, DECT & WDCT, RFID, WIMAX, GSM, CATiq

...and is already working on introducing new technologies like UWB or LTE, etc.

Besides, Globalsys software solutions are offered in most of the current standards (Microsoft, Linux, etc.) and for most platforms (Microchip, X86, ARM, various DSP platforms, etc.).