Airlink 2085

Cordless Interphone for Civil Applications

AIRLINK 2085 is a wireless communication system, developed thanks to a close cooperation with MSA Group ( the worldwide specialist for safety equipment, which establishes an audio conference in Full Duplex for your operational Teams. It eases mobility and allows efficiency and safety at work.

Specifically designed for Industrial and Aeronautic applications it can be used in very noisy environment during Production runs, or on Aircraft for Departures procedures (Push-Back), Maintenance Operation, De-Icing, Towing...

AIRLINK 2085 is Adaptable to any Civil Aircraft: Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, Bombardier, ATR… The system is composed of a Base Unit (connected with the interphone plug of the aircraft if needed) and Mobiles Unit (either integrated in a “Hands-free” headset or in a “Box” version where you connect a wired headset). As an option you can connect conventional radio (PMR, TETRA….) such as a walky-talky to a Mobile.

Up to 4 Mobiles Units (either “Box Style” or “Hands-free” headset type) can form a Wireless Audio Conference with the Base. If the Base is connected to an Aircraft, the Audio Conference includes the Cockpit.

Key features

  • Audio conference between up to 4 operators or 5 operators
  • Full Duplex communication (users can emit and receive at the same time)
  • Range up to 300m from the Base
  • Autonomy 14 hours
  • Removable battery pack
  • Vocal announcement
  • Noise protecting Headset Ear Cups, light and comfortable
  • DECT technology
  • Crypted digital system (32 kb/s, others local networks cannot disturb the communication)
Airlink 2085 Cordless Interphone for Civil Applications


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Airlink 2085 Cordless Interphone Cordless Interphone Airlink 2085