Airlink 3085

Cordless Interphone for Airbone & Military Applications

AIRLINK 3085 establishes a Cordless, full-duplex, audio conference for your Operational Teams. It eases mobility and safety at work by avoiding the use of a cable.

Specifically designed for Military Platforms and/or Aircraft (Fixed or Rotary wing) it can be used all along the mission and, for Aircraft, during Departure procedures, Maintenance Operations, Engine runs, all in a very noisy context and harsh environment.

Key features

  • Audio Conference between up to 9 operators
  • Full Duplex Communication
  • On BoardCommunication or outside Aircraft/Vehicle
  • Range up to 300m from the Base, up to 2Km in Radio Mode
  • EnCrypted Digital System
  • DECT or WDCT technology
  • Digital Noise Cancellation, for Audio inputs (from Mobile microphones in particular)
  • Mobile Submersible : IP67 rating
  • Vox and Squelch functions
  • Autonomy: up to 8hrs

Aircraft application: Adaptable to almost any Aircraft or Helicopters

Rafale, C130, Mirage 2000, EFA, Tiger, NH90, EC725… The system is composed of a Base Unit (connected with the interphone plug of the aircraft/helicopter) and Mobiles Unit either integrated in a “Noise-cancelling” headset or in a “Beltpack” version where you connect a wired headset). As an option you can connect an external radio (UHF, PMR, TETRA,…) to a Mobile.

Base unit can be either permanently fixed in the aircraft/vehicle (on board communication, utilization with external crews/soldiers...) or temporarily pluggable (for Departure, Engine runs, Maintenances Operations...)

Up to 8 Mobiles Units (either “Box Style” or “Hands-free” headset type) can form a Wireless Audio Conference with the Base.

Airlink 3085 Base and Mobile version


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Airlink 3085 Cordless Interphone Cordless Interphone Airlink 3085