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IRoCoN Project Cordless Onboard Civil Aircraft (Voice, Data), for Crews usage

About IRoCoN

Irocon is an european project funded by Eurostars

This project will develop an innovative enhanced cordless network solution devoted to air transport needs (the IRoCoN system): Integrated and Robust Aircraft-based Cordless Network. The system will be used by airline crews within aircraft cabins and airport teams on the ground. It will drastically improve communication and mobility for any crew or staff involved in normal or abnormal exploitation situation.

Thanks to the IRoCoN system, cabin crew members are equipped with Touchscreen Mobile devices. In this way, they can establish communication in the entire aircraft and remotely monitor the FAP (Flight Attendant Panel, today located at the front part of the Cabin) to control Cabin Lighting, Temperature, In-Flight Entertainment System, etc… In case of emergency a direct communication “Mobile to Mobile” is established without using the onboard infrastructures (eventually out of order).

The IRoCoN system is envisaged to be available for airlines as SFE-Option for A350, A380 and A320 NEO by end 2018 or early 2019

IRoCoN Overview