Sahara project Awarded

May, 2011 GLOBALSYS selected for French Innovation program (State funded) SAHARA


In the frame of AsTech, the Paris Region Cluster for Innovation in Aerospace, GLOBALSYS has been selected together with EADS Innovation Works, EUROCOPTER, ASTRIUM, CNES (National Center for Space studies), several Research Laboratories and 2 other SMEs, BEANAIR and REFLEX, to launch the SAHARA Project aiming at the development of innovative Wireless Sensors and Networks, to go onboard various Airframes and Space vehicles. SAHARA will last for 3 years from Sept. 2011 and will generate an entirely new generation of Wireless Devices, aiming at large weight savings, improved robustness and more performing Aircraft, Helicopters, satellites and Space Launchers.

GLOBALSYS has been charged in particular for the realization of high speed components, derived from 802.11 technology.