The option "Isolation Cockpit" convinced FRAPORT (GERMANY) and CCI NICE (FRANCE) for the handlers training.

February, 2012 Globalsys is the only supplier of Wireless Communication System with a function allowing to isolate the cockpit from the ground operators speech.

Isolation Cockpit

This feature allows several ground operators to isolate the cockpit from their conversation (i.e. the cockpit crew will not hear the « ground » conversation). However the audio link coming from the cockpit to the mobiles on ground remains active. For example this optional feature is useful in a training context (dialog pupil-instructor unheard from the cockpit). Depending on system configuration, cockpit isolation could be enabled by the use of a dedicated button located on the left side of the headset, or by the use of a small remote control placed between the Airlink system and the headset.