Babcock UK selected AIRLINK 3085IA.

February, 2019

Babcock UK has decided to use the new "AIRLINK 3085IA" wireless intercom from GLOBALSYS for their North Sea Search & Rescue ("SAR") operations.
Based in Aberdeen, the SAR mission Crews will use our Wireless Interphone System to perform all mission spectrum allowed by their AW139 Leonardo helicopters.
Globalsys is looking forward to meet Babcock expectations and exceed them.

A3085 IA is a "Plug and Play" system, providing very high Audio quality (including powerful noise reduction) via Cordless link.
In fact it allows to fly and perform any mission without any "wire-constraint"
So it's rather "Plug it and Forget it".

Join us at Paris Air Show (17-23 June) to discover the new Airlink 3085 familly.