Railink 2080

Cordless Interphone for Railway Applications

RAILINK 2080 is a wireless communication system which establishes an audio conference in Full Duplex for your operational Teams. It eases mobility and allows efficiency and safety at work.

Specifically designed for railroad works it can be used with ballast bed cleaning, tamping, stabilization and consolidation, formation rehabilitation...

RAILINK 2080 is protecting from noisy context and still permits environment listening / face-to-face communication (announces, signals, alarms, warnings, discussion with agents ...) with noise level control.

Key features

  • Audio conference up to 5 operators, eventually up to 8 operators.
  • Cordless Full Duplex communication (users can emit and receive at the same time)
  • Range up to 300m from the Base
  • Attenuation SNR: 29dB
  • Audo band: 150 Hz à 7 kHz
  • Frequency range: 1,89 - 1,90 GHz
  • Waterproofness: IP54
  • Use temperature: -20°C, +50°C
  • Autonomy 12 hours
  • Noise protecting Headset Ear Cups, light and comfortable
  • WDCT or DECT technology
  • Base unit is powered through 220V or 24V. (Li Ion battery)
  • Crypted digital system (32 kb/s, others local networks cannot disturb the communication)
  • Weight: 410 grams
Railink 2080 Base and Mobile version


Low-cost Cordless Interphone Railink 2080