Bi mode Terminal Digital Radio + VoIP Cordless Phone

Safe-Link is a Bimode Wireless Terminal (Digital/UHF Link) supporting VoWiFi and UHF.
The system ensures a backup in case of WiFi network failure.

Designed for safety operations (fireman, control agents…) in military area (Aircraft carriers, Helicopter carriers) or in sensitive civil area (Nuclear plant…)

  • VoIP + Radio Terminal
  • Audio Conference
  • Headset to Headset

Safe-Link Fact sheet

UHF Digital Radio

  • Frequency 400-470Mhz
  • Individual & Group Selective Call
  • Mixed FM/Digital Operation


  • IEEE 802.11b,g,h,i
  • Frequency Band: 2.412—2.484Ghz
  • Wireless Security 802.11i (AES, EAP, TKIP, WEP, WPA & WPA2)


  • SIP support (Asterisk)
  • Completely Configurable
  • Autonomy: 16h (WiFi), 8h (UHF)


Nowadays, implementation of Wifi networks provides performance and convenience at a very reduced cost including, thanks to VoIP, telephone application.

However for military (Naval forces…) or safety critical plants/buildings (Nuclear, Petro chemical, Seveso…) a backup communication channel must remain available even in case of Wifi failure.

Safe-Link provides a reliable, robust answer to this question.


Safe-Link Bi mode Terminal Bi mode Terminal Safe-Link