Innovation Projects

SAHARA Project Cordless Sensors Network for Aerospace platforms


SAHARA is a french project supported by ASTECH

It is a R/D Project launched with the agreement of several French Ministries (Industry, Transport...). 12 Partners participate to this project, amongst which EADS, SAFRAN, EUROCOPTER, the French National Center for Space studies...

Also several French Universities/ Laboratories participate to the SAHARA Project together with 3 SMEs: BEANAIR, GLOBALSYS and REFLEX CE.

This project targets physical Sensors present on Aircraft, Helicopters and Space Vehicles, with the objective to create Cordless Sensors Networks.

Main objectives

Delivering non critical data:

  • Without Wiring
  • Without disturbing the outside
  • Reliably and Securely
  • In a modular way

As a matter of fact, the interconnections between multiple Sensors result in hundred of km of cables (on a civil aircraft like AIRBUS), high complexity in design and production, and a high weight.

Moreover some potential useful sensors cannot be implemented because their location is not accessible to physical wiring.

In order to retrieve data from these Sensors, it is planned to use improved and robustified variants of 802.11 (WiFi) and 802.15.4 Technologies.