Wireless Downloading Unit

Thru-data is a M2M device for avionic use. It allows over the air data transmission as soon as the aircraft is landed.

Thru-Data Fact sheet

2 different Media are available for over-the-air download:

  • WIFI 802. 11b/g/n for operator
    - AES, WEP,WPA, WPA2
    - Infrastructure modes (up to 128 network recorded)
    - Ad-hoc modes

  • GSM= GPRS or 2.5G or 3G or 3.5G

Interface to the FDR is IEEE 802.3 for recorder:

  • TCP/IP protocol
  • 128bits AES Encryption


Thru-data permit to download data from recorded over the air. As soon as a landing signal is detected, Thru-data is activated and ready to operate. If a known infrastructure WIFI is detected, Thru-data will automatically connect it, and be ready to transmit. In case of no infrastructure WIFI is available, an operator can directly connect to Thru-data from a compatible device. An additional encryption module permits to secure all the data, from the recorder to the viewer.

Within an alternative configuration the data are downloaded via a preexisting GSM Network (from any Operator). The data can then be routed to a Server (via Internet) in full confidence as they are encrypted.

Thru-Data Wireless Downloading Unit Wireless Downloading Unit Thru-Data